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Acesse nosso site e saiba mais: O que é a Soft-Starter SSW-05 Plus: É um equipamento que permite partir e parar suavemente motores de indução trifásicos. O vídeo apresenta as principais características das Soft-Starters WEG linha SSW-07 e SSW-08. SSW7000 Medium Voltage Soft-Starter 5 Human Machine Interface – HMI Navigation is similar to the logic used in cell phones, with the option of sequential access to the parameters or through the groups (Menu) by means of the function access keys on the display (soft keys). A bypass contactor reduces heat and power losses in the softstarter. This can help extend the life of your motor by ramping up to full speed and reducing stress and heat during the process. The start will shut down the motor so that the windings do not burn out.

It is very important to check if the Soft-Starter Software is the same as the above. SSW-05 - INSTALLATION AND OPERATION MANUAL INTRODUCTION The SSW-05 Plus electronic Soft-Starter has been designed to drive three-phase induction motors applied to light duty loads, such as centrifugal pumps, small fans and screw compressors. See full list on soft-starter. SSW-07/SSW-08 MANUAL DA COMUNICAÇÃO SERIAL 3 Cuidado • Ler o manual da Soft-Starter SSW-07/SSW-08 na íntegra, antes de instalar ou operar o mesmo. . Page 1 Soft-Starter Arrancador Suave Chave de Partida Soft-Starter User´s Guide Guia del Usuario Manual do usuário. The duration of the start time for the motor will depend on the size of the load the motor is carrying: if the motor is unloaded, the ramp time will be shorter, but if the motor is heavily loaded, the start time will become longer.

Characteristics Left soft key: function defined by the display. Thus, it prevents mechanical shocks on the load and current peaks in the supply line. A drive can perform the same task, with the addition of being able to control the speed of the pump during the run mode. Sendo assim, a corrente equivalente suportada pela soft-starter é; Percebe-se claramente que a corrente equivalente da soft-starter é maior que a do motor. The SSW07 has a start and stop ramp of up to 40 seconds.

The soft start can reduce water hammer on both the start and the stop, and is and usually less expensive. It is. Ele foi escrito para ser utilizado por pessoas com treinamento ou qualificação técnica adequados para operar este tipo de equipamento. The SSW06 has a programmable ramp up of 999 seconds, and a programmable deceleration of 299 seconds. The SSW-07 is compact, optimizing space in electric panels. SOBRE A SSW-07/SSW-08. 3 Mounting Specifications * IP20 with optional kit for size 3.

The SSW07 serial communication port is an RS-485 input. Motors | Energy | Automation | Coatings Soft-Starter Arrancador Suave Soft-Starter SSW User&39;s Guide Guia del Usuario Guia do Usuário 2. Locked rotor protection alerts the Weg soft start if the current spikes due to the rotor becoming locked or jammed. Once the starter reaches full current, the bypass contactor closes; the starter then becomes across the line. Stop ramps may also be programmed. box 2355, 90713 Fuerth Germany Siemens Aktiengesellschaft. To install the Soft-Starter SSW-07 leave at least the free spaces surrounding the Soft-Starter as in figure 3. edu is a platform for academics to share research papers.

Both AC and DC motors, as well as single and three phase motors, can use a soft start. This can damage the windings, and can result in overloading. The SSW07-08-KRS-485 Soft Starter communication module includes a DIP switch that will switch in a 120Ω terminating resistor for the RS-485 network. The SSW06 can be used in fans, pumps, blowers, compressors, crushers, saws, grinders and mixers. Soft starters may come with a kickstarter function, which will give the motor an extra pulse of torque if necessary. If a mains or isolation contactor is used it is best controlled by the soft starter "Line relay". Safety information Industrial Controls Soft starters SIRIUS 3RW30 / 3RW40 Manual 01/DS01 Introduction. WEG Automation Catalog: LV Variable Frequency Drives and Soft Starters (Full.

Phase loss, also known as single phasing, is when a 3 phase motor loses current in one of its lines, resulting in the other two lines to pick up the slack. É muito importante conferir se a versão de software da soft-. Can you use a soft start pump? • To ensure physical integrity during operation and avoid damage to equipment and. Can a soft starter be damaged?

Porem existe uma diferença durante a partida e a parada do motor, por causa do controle da tensão em 3 fases na SSW-07 e em 2 fases na SSW-08. An alternative connection is 6 wire or inside delta connection. WEG soft starts are fitted with micro processors. This Manual contains the necessary information for the correct use of the Soft-Starter SSW-07. The SSW07 soft-starter is a static starter, designed for the acceleration, deceleration and protection of three-phase induction motors by controlling the voltage applied to the motor. • Seguir atentamente os cuidados e avisos de segurança contidos nele. For example, a jammed conveyor belt or pump.

SSW-07 Remote Keypad and RS-485 Modbus RTU kit (Part number:SSW-08 Remote Keypad and RS-485 Modbus RTU kit (Part number:Quantity Description 1 Remote Keypad and RS-485 Modbus RTU connection optional module 1 Remote Keypad 2 SAFETY NOTICES ATTENTION! Switch off the soft-starter SSW-07/SSW-08 before installing the Remote. 3x Idioma: Português Documento: 0899. The SSW05 has a start and stop ramp of up to 20 seconds. If you need to control the speed of the motor during the start and stop cycle, manual do usuario soft starter ssw 07 please see our variable frequency drives. GWA 4NEBDS 02 N° de encomenda: 3ZX1012-0RW44-1AG1. The SSW06 and SSW07 can be started 10 times per hour, or every six minutes, while the SSW05 can be started 4 times per hour. The Weg soft start SSW07 line comes with a kickstarter.

SSW05 Soft-Starter. The basics: soft starters are used to temporarily reduce the load and torque of a motor during start-up. For more information refer to the SSW-07/SSW-08 Parameter usuario Programming and to the Serial Communication manual, available on the CD that comes with the Soft-Starter module or at WEG’s web site (www. Do not apply any high voltage test on the Soft-Starter SSW-08! Siemens AG Industry Sector P.

The Soft-Starter SSW-07 is a high performance product that permits the start control of the three phase AC induction motors. The extra boost of torque will let the application run smoothly after that extra boost of torque loosens it up. If the ramp time is too long, it can result in the overheating of the motor and increase the risk of the overload relay tripping. The soft starter provides advanced motor protection with user selectable overload classes, over & under current protection, phase imbalance and thermistor protection. In some cases, corrosive gases and acids may exist that can also damage the motor. Este manual deve ser utilizado em conjunto com o Manual do Usuário da SSW-07/SSW-08.

net) As dimensões da HMI Remota são mostradas nas figuras 1 e 2. Page 15: Mounting Inside A Panel. The bigger the motor the larger the soft start that will be required. They are high-tech and were designed to ensure the highest performance during starts and stops of induction motors. 2 ABOUT THE SOFT-STARTER SSW-08 The Soft-Starter SSW-08 is a high performance product with 2 phases controled that manual do usuario soft starter ssw 07 permits the start control of the three phase AC induction motors. Kickstarters are generally used in applications where high-friction loads will encounter friction.

Note: Please make sure that external terminals are in right connection, otherwise, the soft starter may be damaged. WEG Soft-Starter SSW-05: 0. This is commonly used when.

GUIA DE APLICAÇÃO DE SOFT-STARTERS Série: SoftStarter Idioma: Português N º do Documento: XXXXXXXX Modelos: XXX Data da Publicação: 03/ 3. Common applications for soft starts including pumps, conveyor belts, fans and compressors. Follow the measures in Chapter 3 to reduce these effects.

Soft-Starters SSW-08 may interfere with other electronic equipment. Enviar por e-mail manual do usuario soft starter ssw 07 BlogThis! • Read this manual before installing or operating the Soft-Starter SSW-07/SSW-08.

Easy to set up, it simplifies start-up activities and daily operation. Como identificar a SSW-05 Plus: Exemplo: O código SSW050010T2246PPZ, portanto, é uma SSW-05 Plus de 10A, Tensão de alimentação trifásica de 220 a 460V, Manual em Português, versão PLUS. Segue abaixo o manual do Soft Starter SSW-05 da WEG. Manual de equipamento. • All information and safety notice included in this Manual must be strictly followed.

3Wire / 6wire: The standard connection of an electronic soft starter is 3 wire. Este manual contém as informações necessárias para o uso correto da Soft-Starter SSW-07/SSW-08. A SSW-07 e a SSW-08 são soft-startes parecidas, que apresentam o mesmo desempenho no motor durante a tensão plena. .

4890 P/5 ATENÇÃO! O vídeo apresenta como transferir os ajustes possíveis das soft-starters SSW-07 e SSW-08 de trimpots e Dip-Switches para uma Interface Homem-Máquina (HMI). It also depends on the soft start being used. If necessary, contact the manufacturer.

A corrente equivalente do motor é: A soft-starter SSW-03 é feita para suportar 10 part/h com uma corrente de pico 3I n da chave durante 30 s. The number of starts that a soft starter is limited to per hour is dependent upon the ambient temperature, the motor&39;s starting current and the duration of that current. manual de programação da SSW-07 disponível no CD que acompanha a Soft-Starter ou no site da WEG (www.

SOBRE A SSW-07/SSW-08 A Soft-Starter SSW-07/SSW-08 é um produto de alta performance que permite o controle da partida de motores de indução trifásicos. SSW-07/SSW-08 RS-485 Kit (Part number:Quantity Description 1 RS-485 plug-in optional module. manual do usuario soft starter ssw 07 The dimensions of these free spaces are described in table 3. MANUAL DA SOFT- STARTER Série: SSW-04 Software: versão 5.

Pump applications can use either a drive or a soft starter. The soft starter is installed between the mains and cable to the motor. The number of starts and the environmental conditions also have to taken into account. They are used when soft stopping is required. Conditions can shorten the life length of the product and can cause unplanned process down time.

Desta forma evitam-se choques mecânicos na carga e surtos ssw de corrente na rede de alimentação. Phase sequence is when the direction of the phase in the circuit becomes reversed, causing damage to the motor. Page 2 SOFT-STARTER SOFT-STARTER SOFT-STARTER MANUAL MANUAL MANUAL SSW-03 Plus Series Software: version 5. Soft-Starters SSW-07 may interfere with other electronic equipment. SSW06 USER&39;S MANUAL (SSW-06 USER&39;S MANUAL) Date: Code:/00.

Soft-Starter SSW-07/SSW-08 Manual de Programação Versão de Software: V1. A motor is measured in current, kilowatts and horsepower.

Manual do usuario soft starter ssw 07

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