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Indicata la data 10 ottobre (vedere Fig. This is what PHD looks like whilst guiding my AZ EQ6, what do people make of it: DEC correction seems minimal amplitude and fairly low frequency, but RA correction looks like a rough sawtooth. Although an altazimuth mount will keep an object centred in the field of view, over a long period of time, the field of view will appear to rotate resulting in what is known as ‘field rotation’.

Specification Payload Capacity: 18kg for imaging and. · AZ-EQ6 can hold more capacity, for many it doesn&39;t matter much, but to me i can&39;t tell when 1kg or 5 lbs is making a difference, and i found that AZ-EQ6 at nice price that is similar as EQ6-R in another site, and sure i found that EQ6-R cheaper in that site i ordered from but if i was able to afford one of both not both then logically i will go. Thanks to the pier extension that sits between the mount head and tripod, the AZ-EQ5 can be polar aligned at almost any latitude. · M35 open cluster in Gemini pictures with QHY163M camera and TS130/910 refractor on EQ6-R mount.

in modo che il cerchio di R. 4 arcseconds peak to peak with an RMS value of 7. It is equipped with a lightweight power management module, ample USB interfaces, and multiple dovetail mounting methods. The new Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ6 GT mount gives you a a choice in how you use it as it can be assembled and operated in either equatorial of altazimuth mode. Total payload will be at most 8kg. Download Size:|.

The second box contained the substantial stainless steel tripod, two 5Kg counterweights and a metal leg-spreader. Skywatcher EQ6, Mount Upgraded Azimuth Adjustment Bolts. As long as your equatorial mount is one of the many that is supported then you to will have simple and accurate GOTO. The Skywatcher AZ-EQ6 is the perfect solution for amateur astronomers who want the benefit of an azimutal and an equatorial GoTo mount but without the disadvantages of them. However, it does share a minor issue with the NEQ6 in that there are no guide rods in the design so the moving part of the saddle.

News & Resources. In, SkyWatcher introduced a GoTo version of the EQ6 and also made available a matching upgrade kit for earlier mounts. 2a For Standard Tripod 1. It combines the advantages of the equatorial eq6 mount with the simplicity of the alt-azimuth system. Decem - PHD2 Best Practices.

3 Slew the Mount with the Direction Keys In many situations, users need to slew the mount at different speeds with the direction keys. · Sky-Watcher AZ-GTi Mount review - New model - Wifi control & battery powered. Page 13 Step 1: Orienting the Polar Scope Reticule Follow the steps as outlined below to properly orient the reticule inside the polar scope. In altazimuth mode you can even mount two telescopes at the same time using the standard hardware that is supplied with the comprehensive kit. I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the star shapes that I captured with no PEC or guiding in operation. Loosen the two azimuth adjustment knobs on the AZ-EQ5 GT mount until there is sufficient space between the two knob screws(Fig.

Few nights later I put Sky Watcher EQ6-R on the pier in my astro shed. Application Development. 12V power supply included in the price! If you live in the Northern Hemisphere you will be using the upper scale on the RA Setting Circle. Sky-Watcher SynScan Wifi Adapter S30103. 32) V4 Handset starts to ship to replace the older Vhandset.

Our compact EQDir Bluetooth Adapter for EQMOD allows direct connection of Skywatcher HEQ5 Syntrek/PRO, NEQ6 Syntrek/PRO, AZ EQ6-GT and EQ8 mounts to your Bluetooth 2. Alt Az Mount features encoders, locking power plug (Countrydependent) and belt drive. Part 3 of Steve Richards AZ EQ6-GT review. ProED Series Manual. EQ6 Alt Az First Shipments almost 1 year after being announced.

Part AZ mount, az eq6 manuale italiano part equatorial, the AZ-EQ5 is Sky-Watcher’s most versatile mount, capable of aligning in either Alt-Az, Equatorial or dual-OTA mode. Virtuoso Mount Manual. The Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ6GT.

Factor in the much improved altitude adjustment, new RA and DEC clutches, belt drive, reduced weight and elegant design and this mount becomes a very attractive package indeed. 99 (inc VAT) Dispatched. . Collapsible Dobsonians Manual. 7 arcseconds which is an improvement on a typical NEQ6 mount and this was delivered smoothly so was easy to autoguide out using typical 2 second guiding intervals. The new AZ-EQ6 GT mount represents a worthwhile step up from the NEQ6 rather than a huge leap so it can be thought of as an evolutionary step.

A heavy-duty 12mm threaded to. In part 1 of this long-term review I looked at the constructional features of the new mount with some general comparisons against the original NEQ6. Latest model with USB port. These mounting plates can be also be adapted to fit any standard mounting plate. Despite appearing larger than the NEQ6, the AZ-EQ6GT is actually lighter and very easy to set up on the substantial tripod, being az eq6 manuale italiano retained by a single long M12 bolt that is also threaded at its base to hold the cast aluminium leg spreader/eyepiece holder in place. The mount arrived in two sturdy cardboard boxes The first contained the mount with dual Losmandy/Vixen saddle clamp, SynScan handcontroller, holder for the handcontroller, power and data cables, a camera control cable, a 150mm counterbalance extension bar, italiano a robust looking second saddle clamp assembly and some Allen Keys. Finished in Sky-Watcher’s normal white finish and trimmed with brushed aluminium components, the AZ-EQ6 GT is a very attractive and solid looking manuale mount with more rounded lines than its predecessor which gives it a more ‘finished’ appearance. Sky Watcher AZ- EQ6 Mount, S30330 Telescope Accessory.

Instruction Manual of Star Discovery 2i (WiFi Version) Download Size: 9,470 KB |. Id decided on the AZ-EQ5 due to the encoders and belt driven RA, but I just want a sanity check. Most equatorial mounts have difficulty with polar alignment at lower latitudes due to the counterweight bar interfering with the tripod. The AZ-EQ6 GT is clearly an evolution of the NEQ6 but one in which the manufacturer has apparently listened to its customers because, as well as its dual functionality, it has several new features that provide worthwhile enhancements over the earlier design. My new gear will be primarily for imaging still, but with a max focal length of 900mm (APO refractor), sampling at ~1. The Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro is a superb choice for deep astrophotography. ASIAIR PRO is a smart WiFi device. Quick and easy one person assembly despite a good payload capacity, simple polar alignment, easy star alignment, accurate GoTos and straightforward guiding make this a compelling purchase for those interested in a good equatorial mount for astro-photography.

The SkyWatcher AZ-EQ5 PRO mount is based on the bigger model AZ-EQ6 with respect to which offers better portability and lower weight. · Since its release in, the ASIAIR has been very well received. txt) or read online for free. Esprit 120 ED Manual.

To give an idea of what the mount az eq6 manuale italiano is capable of unguided, I took a sequence of 120 second exposures of the globular cluster, M3 using a Canon EOS 450D DSLR camera and my 600mm focal length refractor. See full list on firstlightoptics. EQ6 Pro 8-pin RJ-45 D-sub 9 Male HEQ5 Pro, EQ5 Pro, EQ3 Pro, AZ-EQ6 GT, EQ8 8-pin RJ-45 All Alt-azimuth mounts 6-pin RJ-12 1. However, not all observers az eq6 manuale italiano want or need the added complexity of an equatorial mount and an altazimuth mount will do just nicely. Moving on to astro-photography, I measured the periodic error at 25.

Loosen the two azimuth adjustment knobs on the AZ-EQ6 GT mount until there is suf fi cient space between the two knob screws. Star Adventurer Mini (SAM) Manual. The AZ-EQ6GT is a dual purpose, fully functional computerised heavy-duty Go-To/Tracking astronomical mount in both Alt-Azimuth (AZ) and Equatorial (EQ) modes. PRODUCT IS OBSOLETE. La testa pesa 15,4 kg e può essere facilmente separata dal.

· EQMOD is a popular set of software tools used by many astronomers to control the Skywatcher HEQ5, NEQ6 and other mounts directly from a PC. Is the Arizona EQ5 polar? Then I put onto it my astro imaging setup – 130mm Photoline refractor with QHY163M camera and filter wheel. Esprit 100 ED Manual. The build quality that I discovered in part 1 of this review gave the promise of good things to come from the field-testing and the SkyWatcher AZ-EQ6GT did not disappoint. In part two of this long-term review I will be reporting on the use of the mount in the field for both observations and deep sky imaging. The Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ6 GO-TO Mount is the ultimate mount for the professional astrophotographer who wants a solid and reliable solution with a payload of up to 20kg.

2a) space between the two knob screws. What is AZ EQ6 GT? Includes Sky-Watcher&39;s computerised Synscan™ GOTO handset which enables you to point your telescope to 42,000+ night sky objects, or tour the skies at the touch of a button. I have the AZ-EQ6 GT on loan for a long-term review so this article is a preliminary look at the new mount that will be added to in the light of operational experience over the next. Wolfie6020 49,626 views. * Information on EQMOD can be found on First Light Optics’ website here. Manual skywatcher AzEq6 gt.

Sky-Watcher AZ EQ6-GT Hand Controller Instruction Manual V3. 3 Slew the Mount with the Direction Keys In many situations, users need to slew the mount at different speeds with the directional keys. 2 Putting On the AZ-EQ6 GT Mount Loosen the two azimuth adjustment knobs on the AZ-EQ6 GT mount until there is sufficient (Fig. Esprit 150 ED Manual. The Sky-Watcher (N)EQ6 has always been a popular mount for imagers and observers alike, especially those with heavyweight equipment.

Esprit 80 ED Manual. Sky-Watcher AZ EQ6-GT Instruction Manual pdf. Supplied with a Synscan handset with dual AZ/EQ firmware, it can automatically find and track over 42,900 celestial objects from its database. The new EQ6-R Pro Synscan builds upon the legendary EQ6 Pro mount with a slew of new features that will appeal to astro-imagers! Steve Richards is the author of ‘Making Every Photon Count’ and writes for The Sunday Times, BBC Sky at Night Magazine and BBC Focus Magazine.

- Duration: 19:09. SkyWatcher AZ-EQ5 PROSynScan computerized mount with SynScan hand pad, with dual-axis motor drive, tripod with integrated half-pillar and encoders on both axis. Can I change EQ6 to Goto? The EQ6 mount used for this guide was a new model and was probably manufactured around. . Part 2 of Steve Richards AZ EQ6-GT review. In fact, the AZ-EQ6 is a hybrid mount usable in both these configurations.

Febru - PHD2 v2. However, for now, there is no denying the appeal of a mount that can operate in both ALTAZ and EQ modes and this one certainly does this transformation in an elegant and substantial manner.

Az eq6 manuale italiano

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